What is Vesconite?


Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube are specialised plain bearing materials made from internally lubricated low friction polymers.

Vesconite bushes give excellent wear in harsh, wet, dirty or unlubricated conditions.

Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube have many

advantages over traditional bushing materials such as bronze, acetal, nylons, nitriles, rubbers, elastomers, phenolics and laminates (whether dry or lubricated).

-low friction, long life, well proven


The internally lubricated long life bearing material that has been proven in thousands of critical applications. Originally developed to overcome bearing problems caused by water swell of traditional non-metallic bearing materials. Vesconite is ideal for water lubricated bearings.

Vesconite HiLube
-lowest friction, longest wear life, lowest

shaft wear


The advanced grade of Vesconite with a lower friction, lower wear rate and a greater ability to run dry.


Vesconite Hilube has the same dimensional stability, mechanical properties and chemical resistance as Vesconite.


Vesconite Hilube is an ideal bearing material for pump bearings that may experience dry running or in dirty water.

hitemp 150
- high temperature, abrasion resistant


A low wear bearing material specially formulated for higher temperature resistance, Hitemp 150 can run at elevated temperatures up to 150°C (300°F).


Hitemp 150 also has exceptional abrasion resistance and is well suited to pump applications of media with suspended dirt particles.


Hitemp 150 may be the material of choice when corroded or rough shafts cannot be avoided or in highly silted pump applications where clean water lubrication cannot be provided.

Vesconite and Vesconite HiLube


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