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Marine Bearings

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved. As well as Lloyd's and many other Classification Societies worldwide.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved. As well as Lloyd's and many other Classification Societies worldwide.

Vesconite does not corrode. Great in salt water.


No Water Swell. Vesconite is dimensionally stable, keeps it size, and does not swell in water.


Quiet Running. Standard rubber bearings make a howling noise at slow speeds due to “stick slip”. Since Vesconite is harder and has a lower coefficient of friction, this phenomenon does not become a problem to fishermen while trolling.


Vesconite does NOT delaminate. Vesconite is a homogeneous material that remains hard even when wet. Many synthetic bearing materials, based on elastomers and nylons, swell in water and become softer and loose their compression strength when wet.


Low Friction Vesconite. Because of the low friction of Vesconite, less wear will occur in your steering gear components. Smoother operation, less jerking, and lower power is needed for ever rudder movement.


Vesconite Saves your Shaft. Because of Vesconite’s low friction, most users report greatly reduced wear rates on shafts and liners.


Vesconite is not affected by fishing line. Discarded fishing line can cause damage to rubber lined bearings. Vesconite is not effected by fishing line because it is much harder than the nylon used for fishing lines.


Easy removal of Vesconite bearings. Since no electrolytic carrion occurs with Vesconite, they do not seize like metallic bearings. Nor will you be spending hours trying to cut, hammer, or burn bearing out like has to be done with laminated bearings.


Vesconite is easy to machine compared to other bearing materials. Cutlass Rubber bearings are difficult to machine and need special tooling. Vesconite Semi-finished bearings are pre-machined on the I.D. to fit specific standard propeller shafts sizes. Easily machine the O.D. to fit the housing, with a proper interference fit, on ordinary metal or woodworking lathes.


Grooved or non-grooved? Generally, Stern Tubes and Struts bearings are grooved and Rudder bearings are not. The grooves are required to keep the bearing cool and to help flush debris that might get into the bearing.


Need Staves? Vesconite is available in all the standard stave sizes to fit standard liners or dovetail housings. Lengths up to 10 feet can be supplied.


Sizes up to 29-1/2” (750 mm) are available to fit all your bearing needs. If we don’t stock it locally, we can respond with quick delivery from the factory.


Immediate availability. Hydro-Watt stocks semi-finished bearings for shafts from 7/8” to 4”, locally available for immediate shipment. Semi-finished bearings are furnished finished on the I.D for a specific shaft size and a standard interference fit. All you have to do simply turn down the O.D. to properly fit the bearing housing. Hydro-Watt is available to machine your bearing to size, as needed.


Grooved Semi-finished

(with I.D. complete for a standard Interference Fit)


Marine and Pump Bearings

Marine Bushings suited to PROPELLER and RUDDER shafts

up to 26 inches


Special sizes can be produced promptly.



Material available CUT TO LENGTH



Classification Approval


Vesconite has been approved for use in rudders and stern tubes by the world's major ship classification societies.

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