VESCONITE, Vesconite HiLube, and Vesconite HiTemp Bearings are used worldwide in critical applications when reliability and bearing life are the main concern.


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Vertical Turbine Pumps

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Centrifugal Pumps

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What makes Vesconite products the pump bearing material of choice?

  • Excellent dimensional stability: Vesconite does not absorb water or swell, so close running tolerances can be maintained.
  • Low friction: Vesconite is an internally lubricated polymer with a low coefficient of friction. This is exhibited even when lubrication is not present.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance: Vesconite bearing materials resist third particle abrasion and generally increase shaft life.
  • Machinability: Vesconite does not creep, deform, or swell and machines easily to desired tolerances.

VESCONITE water lubricated bearings are a “fluid film” or “hydrodynamic” type bearing, where fluid is drawn from the axial grooves and flows across the bearing surface forming a thin lubricant film. Fluid is then expelled through the next groove and is constantly being replaced, keeping the temperature stable and fluid film intact.


Various products give similar performance in stable and continuous lubrication conditions, but this is where the similarity ends. In real situations, the lubricating film may not be present at start-up or the lubrication fluid may be interrupted during operation. It is during these conditions that Vesconite products are the materials of choice.


Consider the following Vesconite products when choosing the right material for your specific pump application:




This is the standard grade of Vesconite for pump bearing applications. VESCONITE gives an excellent balance between low coefficient of friction, long life, good abrasion resistance, and cost. Limited dry start capabilities. Thrives with water as a lubricant. Good chemical and abrasion resistance. Extended shaft life. No water swell. High dimensional stability. Color: Black


 This is the preferred choice when dry starts and low lube conditions exist. Vesconite HiLube is very successful in deep well applications where dry starts can last a minute or more. PV (pressure x velocity) limit is almost twice that of standard Vesconite. Good chemical and abrasion resistance. Extended shaft life. No water swell. High dimensional stability. Color: White


 Vesconite's HiTemp 150 and Vesconite's HiTemp 230 are the choice materials for use above 176°F (80°C) in wet applications. Excellent rigidity and toughness. Low friction. High wear resistance. Good load carrying capabilities. Each product reacts differently to chemicals and radiation – (see chemical resistance chart). Color: Brown

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