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Hydro-Watt is a design and build service company and distributor of various products, based in Nevada City, California.  We believe that service and customer communication is key to a successful business, making sure that the customer’s needs are fulfilled in an efficient, economical and timely manner.


There are basically three areas of business that Hydro-Watt participates within:




Vesconite Self-Lubed and Water Lubed Bearings and Bushings.  Vesco Plastics is a world leader in manufacturing finished bushings, bearings and wear components from internally lubricated polymers, as well as stock to make.  We’re here to make sure your application is successful.


Snap-Tite is an innovative HDPE culvert slip-lining product that refurbishes damaged and “rotted out” culverts under highways and roadways and for inaccessible buried locations.  We don’t just distribute Snap-Tite, but actively involved in selection and installation oversight.


Hydrothane Trash Racks are an excellent alternative to steel trash racks.  Made of HDPE, these trash racks are long lasting, strong, and non-corrosive.


Mining Trommels and Scrubbers:


With a long, involved history in producing Trommels/Scrubber for the Placer Gold and Sand and Gravel industries.  Hydro-Watt is able to meet your needs in supplying the correct size and production requirements for your cylindrical classifying / scrubber needs.  Mentored by experts who have been in the industry since the mid-1940s, Hydro-Watt has design, manufacturing, installation and efficiency expertise.


Hydro Refurbishment / In Place Machining:


Since previously being in the industry for years, Hydro-Watt, in conjunction with SBIW, Inc. offer an expertise in field services for the refurbishment and in-place machining repairs of the mechanical equipment involved in Hydro-electric power houses.


Mike Wedel Project References (PDF).

Our Highest Priority Is Quality And It Shows In Everything We Do.

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